Depositphotos_7878265_lAre you afraid that if you become financially successful, you’ll have to care for family or deal with folks with their hand out?

If you struggle with this, create personal policies and legal paperwork that:

#1 Restrict you from giving away cash willy nilly

#2 Make those requesting pay back, on interest…it’s not personal, it’s business

#3 Create a family emergency policy, like insurance, that folks pay dues on and withdraw from only in real emergencies

Don’t be afraid. You love family, but you are only required to take care of your true, legal dependants,mama, grandmama or innocent kids in the fam…Of course this is my personal opinion but it works for me.

As women, we tend to feel responsible for everybody and/or put ourselves last. However, looking out for your personal interests can have a preserving affect on your personal finances. Be very selective of who you help and especially who you give outright gifts too.

And above all else, if you have ever received a gift or loan and are now in the position to pay it back, do so unhesitatingly. This would only be right, improve your credibility, your relationship with the lender and create a space for you to receive the same sort of responsible financial dealings.

Be generous but be smart.

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