Around noon, my hunger wakes up like a grumpy old tiger and all work and thinking must cease. Today, I couldn’t think how to put together a tasty meal, but had some canned goods and condiments lined up that I threw together into something yummy. Busy moms and entrepreneurs alike know that sometimes we cook and eat like bachelors. No time for elaborate meals (sans crock pot) and one or more mouths desiring anything but leftovers.

Today, I introduce the Divatastic Recipe. Off the cuff, like me. Quick. To  the point. Oh so palatable.

First up, the Sloppy Joe Jackson–a Tex-Mex inspired version of the American classic with some punch and kicks! Enjoy with lemon infused tea or any icy drink!

Nutritional value: None! lol; Tastiness: Yummm.; Servings: Depends on whose eating.

sloppy joe jacksons