Courtesy of Adobe Marketing Cloud

Courtesy of Adobe Marketing Cloud

Aha! Yes, if you’ve followed me on any network online, you know I’m geeked at every new platform that will support amplifying my message and getting my content and services across the web. If you’re in business, you likely feel the same way, well, except for feeling overwhelmed by an unending number of platforms to manage the basic task of selling online. Thankfully, there’s a few new tools and upgrades to make your life in social media marketing and social selling better.

In comes Adobe Marketing Cloud is has brought marketing tools for social media marketing and analytics together to play with your overall strategy. There one goal is to simplify the management of marketers entire marketing mix into integrated tools to get the job done without jumping all over the place. I’m trying to avoid calling it Adobe’s version of Hubspot, because it really isn’t, but to make it easier to grasp if you’re a Hubspot user, then, it’s Adobe’s version of Hubspot.

Google+. Yes, it’s been out for a while and you may already have an account and business, but more than likely, you don’t. Why? Because so much attention is being pushed on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for marketing because most haven’t figured out how to really leverage G+ for marketing. Don’t fret! It’s actually the greatest way to get your message out on a social network AND boost your brands Google ranking. Yah, it’s a Google product so in search, your G+ profile and pages will show at the top of searches for content you’ve shared and if folks are looking for you and your brand. Other perks include Authorship tool which links your G+ profile to your blog page or other site you contribute to AND the ability to integrate Adwords campaigns with your profile. Yeah boooiii!

Incorporate-your-GoogleWhen you think of the word “nimble” you think of flexibility, and maybe a contortionist, right? If you’re looking for a CRM tool that is flexible and that can contort to meet the demands of social business, then Nimble is the tool for you. (INSERT DISCLAIMER THAT I’M A NIMBLE SOLUTIONS PARTNER. *Fist pump*) This tool takes the power of social media, which contains a buttload of personal information about your ideal clients and businesses and pulls them into this CRM in order for you to make informed decisions and turn cold leads into warm ones. Other perks include the ability to manage your sales process from first contact to closing deals, interacting on your social networks through the Nimble interface, and communicating directly through Gmail to make running around tabs and platforms nonexistent. The best part? It only boast a teeny weeny $15 per month buy in. Can’t beat that with a bat (you can get with this, or you can get with that).

Need help figuring out what you want to use in your business? Test, measure, decide. This is what I always do before picking a tool for my business or those of my clients. Saves you a bunch of headache of trying to do everything. Don’t have time for figuring it all out? Let’s chat.


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