There is no secret that I’m a bibliophile and scour the web, books, and pages of magazines for anything related to business, personal finance and professional development. Of course, with money being funny and change being strange, we’re all looking for a few ways to stack up more paper and make things a little easier for ourselves and our families. What are some unconventional ways, outside of asking for a raise or taking on another job to increase your income?

Here are three that I really like:

Exercise. According to research by Cleveland State University professor Vasilios Kosteas, people who exercise at least three times a week earn between 6% and 9% more than lazy bums that don’t. Some of the reasons for this is a more productive (read: energetic) and unstressed employee. Sounds like we need to hit the gym for more than a flat stomach for the summer!

Negotiate lower interests rates and debt settlement. It might be easier for you to ask your credit card company for a lower interest rate than ask for a pay increase. In addition to lowering your interest, you could ask for a settlement offer to get rid of the interest and pay the entire balance of your debt. Credit card companies have programs in place to make this a simple solution if you have a lump sum and want to pay a balance down quickly. In the end, either option will result in more cash on hand.

Work more hours per day and come into the office less. If you’re a friend to freeways and public transportation, the cost of gas and train fare might be eating away at your budget. This is especially true if you’re burning gas stuck on the 405. Save both time and money by opting to work four 10-hour shifts instead of five 8-hour shifts. The long days are great if you don’t have busy evenings. You’ll also get an extra weekend day, cut out two work commutes, keep the cash from associated expenses and win overall. Of course, telecommuting is the best option if that is available to you.

What are some ways that you have kept extra cash in your pocket? Share them with fellow diva’s below.

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