This week, well, actually every week for the past few years, I proclaim that I’m going to eat better, exercise more and be more conscious of rest, exercise, and mindfulness. I want a sense of peace of mind and wellness. I want to wake up renewed each day. Everything I do is intentionally purposeful. Well, at least it sounds that way.

The reality is although I have that intention, every now and again, after dancing, swimming, walking and balancing that would healthy meals, I grab something from Taco Bell or Carl’s Jr. I’m a HUGE fan of both restaurants and the cravings are enormous. I may have swam for two hours in a day and burned hundreds of calories, after one bite of a burrito or bacon cheeseburger, all the hard work seems to be canceled out. Womp!

What happens in affect, is I’ve cancelled out the good. Or at least that’s what seems to have happened in a logical sense. You do good and an equal amount of bad, and you’ve made zero progress. So why do the work in the first place, some may ask.

Rather than having self-defeating and negative feedback, it at least gives you something to think about so that your actions are ALWAYS purposeful. There are no on and off times for you to feed good into your body and then stuff it with junk. It seems odd to me then, that someone will eat well, exercise profusely, read, pray and meditate and then do things that seem to go against the good they’ve just accomplished.

Here are some things that I wonder about:

Smoking. “No one is perfect,” you chant. It’s so true. Neither am I. I do still wonder at the lack of harmony in being well every where else and then breathing in toxic materials.

Filthy entertainment or associates. You are what you eat and what you take in so if you’re absorbed in conversations, entertainment or with people who breed negativity or toxicity, what affect do you think it’s really having on you? Be conscious of what you take in. Afterall, birds of a feather flock together.

What you say. My favorite line from India.Arie’s song Get It Together is “the words that come out your mouth, you’re the first to hear, speak words of beauty, and you will be there.” Be careful of what you say about yourself AND other people. Being conscious that what you say has a profound affect on your entire being will help you be much more positive and while you may be authentic, you mustn’t be unreasonably rude or tactless to speak.

Whatever actions we do should be aimed at being good for a higher purpose. It should be harmonious and consistent so as not to cancel out the good that you are doing. While no one gets in 100% even 50% of the time, a persistent effort will reap large rewards. Striving for excellence may prove challenging but it’s worth being holistically well.

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