I have a secret. Grab a chair and have a seat. Okay, you ready? I am human.

Contrary to my belief at times, especially those times when I feel supremely creative and focused, invincible, I wake up after my body crashes and say, “Oh shoot, I’m actually a human.” With that realization comes some occasional limiting thoughts because humans have limits. D’oh.

Ideally, I’d like to think that I can do EVERYTHING I put my mind too, but what happens is I’ll actually try it and then face the reality that although I want it and may even have the resources to do it, my energy level and health may say, “Ain’t nobody got time fa dat,” and shut me down. I fight back with my little practice of self-mind control, which is nothing weird-like, but only remaining very focused and not allowing myself to dwell in the land of self-doubt and pity for longer than I need to produce the actions that those feelings are suppose to motivate. That means I’m in a constant battle of mind over mattress, uh hem, mind over matter and really working hard to do what I intend.

Still, fighting with doubts, and in effect killing them can be extremely difficult. You see, doubts sometimes grew up with us like unwanted extra fingers that weren’t removed at birth. Doubts can become so normal for us that we can’t pursue anything without this little voice booming out over our mental P.S.A. system telling us that we can’t, we won’t and we never will. Doubts are like our own personal Joe Jackson’s beating us into submission and making us give up before seeing things to the finish.

The good thing is that like that unwanted extremity, it can be cut off, choked with a tourniquet and severed. It might even be likened to setting a broken bone. The bone is supposed to be in a solidly fixed position, but traumatic impact (think Kevin Ware), splits it into two pieces. To get them to fuse back together, pins and casts help provide the support needed to make it happen. Without those things in place, a temporarily set bone can splinter again, making the new broken position the way the bones lie. So what is your support system, your pins and casts that keep doubt from splintering your goals?

If we don’t have anything or anyone setting things straight, we are bound to have improper views of things and doubt can mess us up. We have no need for that! We have goals to achieve! We have visions to manifest! We have destinations to reach! There is no space for unwarranted doubt in our lives.

Concern and careful assessment is necessary to prevent impulsive actions but taking it too far, letting the What if’s, or the I’m not sure I can’s can waste precious time. Let the thoughts come, and pass, serving the purpose of helping you make a balanced–logically and emotionally–decision. After that, keep going, keep growing, and keep developing. Set the broken bone of doubt in it’s place.

Sure it up with constant reassurance and critical analyses of why it SHOULD work rather than why it shouldn’t. Since I’m not sure I believe in the concept of “haters” (ask me about that one day), take people who may not agree with you as people who have good intentions, assess the purpose and value of what they say, and if its constructive, take the constructive piece and build on it. Everything else, toss. If the critical nature of suggestions come from an insincere source, think of what this could be telling you about the public and again, take what’s constructive, what the opportunity is (because there ARE no problems) and toss the rest. In either way, you assess, learn, adjust, and grow.

Let not your doubt or another person’s be the defining grace of what your plans and goals are. I have plenty of folks around me with good intentioned advice, varying from suggesting that I not move to the East coast ONLY because of cold weather, or overseas because of terrorism and political climate (have they checked national or local news lately), or here’s one “don’t start a business in this economy” merely because that’s what they heard someone else say. All of those things really would keep me at a standstill because there is no end to self-doubt or that of others. The only solution is hear it, do what you can do with it and go for what you know. Set things in their place.

How are you dealing with your own self-doubt or that of those around you? Do you ignore everything and leave care to the wind? Do you stay stuck assessing all that can go wrong? Where’s the balance? How are you moving forward. Let me know in the comments below.

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