Every week, for the past couple of years, I’ve had masterminds with friends to discuss our respective challenges. In thinking about our struggles at different times, I’ve wondered, “If we’re so smart and creative, why aren’t we killing it in our arena?” Makes you wonder.

In thinking about this over time and reading EVERYTHING I could get my hands on about business (I literally spend most of my day reading researching and remaining educated about best practices, trends, and strategy), I came up with a few things that were critical and yet missing from our brilliant businesses.

Confidence. We might have the brains and beauty, the perfect concept and a market that wants it, but we don’t know it or believe it. We’re scared and we don’t step up, stand in our power, take confident action and get things popping.

Structure and Organization. Our ideas are rocking, but we’re all over the place and it shows. We don’t know what things go where, how to do it and when. Our actions and brains and haphazard so we get lost and so does the myriads of people who may want to work with us.

Sales. We have a great product but we’re scared or don’t know how to initiate and close sales conversations. Without sales, we have no clients and ultimately business sucks for us.

Products and packaging. We’re awesome sauce. Everybody loves us. But, ummm, what do we do again? Our products are unclear or they really aren’t as friggin’ awesome as we personally think they are. We didn’t test the demand or feasibility, so we’re stuck trying to force something that is really wack.

Communications. Great! You’re in business. Everything is perfect. But nobody knows about it. Marketing, PR, advertising–the big communications strategy–never got planned or executed. We may not even know what our message and story is and can’t clearly articulate it to others. Then, sales don’t happen.

Audience. Who we’re marketing to aren’t really who our product or service is for. We may not need to change our product. We need to change the people we’re talking to about it.

Analyses and adjustment. Ah. We’ve got it down pat. Except we can’t identify what works or doesn’t and so we can’t identify how to move forward or adjust, what to reallocate in our budgets, what keywords drive massive traffic or put or bestsellers in the forefront of our store. Only analyses can help this.

Resources. We don’t have money, a team, or equipment. *slaps forehead* Now what?

Pricing. Speaking of resources, our income flow isn’t flowing because we’re charging to low for our value. We’re frustrated at the amount of work that needs to be done to stay afloat and make ends meet. D’oh.

Strategic Partnerships. They say no man is an island but we’re trying to prove that wrong and do evvvverything ourselves. ‘Cept we don’t have to because there’s things like joint ventures, barters, sponsors, referral partners or other relationships we can leverage to optimize everything that we want to do.

Time and opportunity. Baby, it just ain’t your time. Believe it. Robin Thicke considered suicide just before his break into fame. His time just hadn’t come yet. And The Biebs. Imagine how happy he must have been when Chris Brown was tripping, allowing him an edge into the arena of young girls hearts. How about car rental companies joy when folks were afraid to travel by plane immediately after 9/11? Maybe some shift in the market will create a huge opportunity for you.

This list is by no means exhaustive but it’s pretty clear that many are struggling in these key areas. Perhaps just a little tweak and the shake of a tail feather is all we need to let our lights shine and do the dang thang. Test some things out and enroll help where you need support. We are brilliant and absolutely can win!