Just as the wind sweeps across the pavement and stirs up the fallen leaves, whipping them around into a beautiful swirl, and then leaving them moved along, scattered, and again still, so is inspiration. In cases like that it’s important to catch it. I mean, you can’t grab a net and catch wind, but inspiration blows into your life like that and you’ll need it somewhere down the line, so it seems best to put it in a little bottle and catch it. So goes my life…

You’ve probably followed me on social media in some fashion for a while now. If you haven’t figured it out on your own, I’m a ball of enthusiasm and innovation waiting to happen, and happening, too much even, to where I can’t keep all my thought and plans and big visions together in one space or page, or blog for that matter. Then, there are days that I can’t get up and much less think. The energy sapped from my body from an all-nighter or maybe a regular day wrought with firefighting and customer service.

Dark Silk BackgroundAnd on those days, or after a series of days (let’s be real, maybe even weeks or months of those days), I have this mid-shower epiphany–one that solves all the world problems–or just mine since my world is very centered on me (go figure). Like a whisper, brilliance breathes in, and if I don’t repeat the thought over and over, jump out the shower and record it somewhere, anywhere, it’s gone.

it happens so much and the voice (not really a voice because I wouldn’t want to give you the impression that I have auditory hallucinations) becomes so loud and it seems so magnificent that I got in the habit of carrying recorders everywhere. In the car, for my road-spirations, at the house for that random moment while washing dishes that I dream up a mechanical hand that grabs a fallen spoon out of the garbage disposal (I have some phobia about disposals–don’t ask), or while I’m in a meeting, I can record my notes and sound.

As you can tell, I value my epiphanies. They seem like mini-highs, although I’m not sure what a drug induced high feels like. But this, if this is anything like it, I get addictions. I feel like calling everyone on the phone and screaming, “Eureka”, except half the time I just tell my mom who looks at me like I’m crazy because she doesn’t GET anything that I tell her about and always asks, “How will you monetize it?”

My life as an unpopular nerd is flooded with great ideas and big plans that need to be implemented. Who knows where my log of business ideas is. There’s a book somewhere full of things, like an authentic Mexican food restaurant in New York City for California transplants like myself who can’t settle for the bootleg tacos at a Manhattan Applebee’s, or maybe that dating site I wanted to launch before all those FarmerFolksMeet.com sites that started popping up, or yes, yes, I know, that baby clothes line that was inspired by my favorite kiddies, who are now all college-aged.

Somewhere along the way, the dream was shot down by self-doubt. It was like aborting a baby. Not giving it a chance to breathe or grow. The pain of not seeing what would have been hurts sometimes, but I try to spend my time activating my plans so that this carnage of failed projects don’t haunt me forever.

Now, I’m forced to test my ideas and develop the ones that make the most sense for my brand. It gives me my plans B, C. D-Z. Failure isn’t an option because there’s always something else I can try. I have the spirit of an entrepreneur and world changer, changing my ways, my outlook and how affect others.

I’m okay with being different. Being a rambler. Drawing doodles and diagrams to map out prototypes. Believing the impossible. Gesturing wildly. Dancing and singing to songs that I composed. That’s my life and I love it.

If there’s any takeaway from my obsessive imagining, please grab your epiphanies by the horns and make them bow down to you. Discouragement is an evil nincompoop that is only overcome with more creative solutions. Run from it and develop your vision.