This title reminds me of an M.C. Hammer song for the Addam’s Family movie, maybe eons ago when I was a baby diva. The unique brood isn’t the focus of this post though. I wanted to address choices and gusto, something that people have said I possess but that seem to be open to many, last I checked. Can you really do what you want to do, career-wise, or in other aspects of life?

A few years back, while working in a new position, I decided I would take a 10-day vacation. My coworkers asked, “Oh, you got it like that? You can go on a vacation when you just started here? You aren’t worried about your job?” I guess it seemed like I was doing something luxurious or perhaps unnecessarily risky. With no bad consequences, I took the trip, enjoyed myself and came back refreshed and progressed in my position. How?

It was a pretty simple thing. I wanted to go. I asked. I explained that I’d planned a trip and that I would be going. My boss didn’t give me any hesistance and another supervisor actually seemed excited for me to go. But why would my coworkers feel like I couldn’t have or maybe shouldn’t have? Perhaps the answer lies in wanting security and not being a risk taker.

I’m not suggesting folks run out and do anything so PLEASE don’t take my experience as the okay to do something that may end up in a bad result for you. However, I do believe that things that seemed like simple decisions for me are a barrier, an impossible feat for some. Even my cross country move, which took all of a few weeks to plan, made people shocked. Deciding not to go back to work a 9-5 was crazy. Shaving my head, something that people wondered about.

I’m no rebel, but I’ve never wanted to live with not doing something I really wanted to do. I stand today really wanting to go to Costa Rica. I also want to launch a product line when I have no extensive experience working with products. I want to shut down a few of my projects and focus my attention on something spectacular and that’s more rewarding spiritual and financially. And you guessed it, I will do it.

That is, if I don’t get ran over by a truck, or if I get beat up by a team of renegade folks who will tie me up and say I can’t, or maybe if my brain atrophy’s and I can’t think of a strategy to make it work. But what is the likelihood that will happen. Well, to naysayers and worry warts (I am a bit of one but I try to dull the voice with chocolates), perhaps I can’t. Then, there’s mom who says, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”

I think if you really want to go after something, you should. Learn a foreign language and go teach abroad. Start a movement. Break up with your rich boyfriend (at your risk, money can be cool). Be a warrior-princess-something-rather.

Just don’t get lost in other people’s what if’s. Calculate your own risks, add in your desire to do it, and make it happen. Hopefully, you’ll be happy you did. I am.