I’m uber geekdified at the results that the After The Spark Business Combustive series, produced in partnership with SpeedPro Imaging in Long Beach, has been getting. Talk about meeting great people with great businesses and great potential for great profits. Did somebody say cha-ching?

While Executive Fame producer, Araceli Alarcon, and I produced the Social Boom workshop together last fall at SpeedPro, the After The Spark was born last June after attending a great conference that was inspiring but that lacked the key takeaways that I could use for my advanced business needs. With only a small group attending, the training was individualized, with hot seats, and homework, and that required me to follow up and see if attendees were taking action. You don’t get that at a large expo, do ya?

In February, I went over a few marketing and selling points namely, how to tell a clear story with a great marketing mix. We created a mini marketing plan for one hot seat guest with a customized news release and some new messages that he could share across social and to list build at live events.

Today, for the March After The Spark Business Combustive, I’ll be going over LinkedIn Mastery. I love my social platforms and use them all to foster relationships and turn these into opportunities and clients, but I’m finding that like myself, most businesses have been on LinkedIn, and not giving it the same attention to drive sales or actions like we were on the other channels. Money was left on the table. Target audiences for businesses like mine may or may not exist on Facebook or Twitter and an incomplete resume or bio online does nothing to educate a person about why you are best for the gig.

I’m pleased to be able to bring Get That Opportunity: LinkedIn Mastery to folks today at the event. I have lots of data to share and some cool exercises to transform a sorry profile to a great one, and some strategies to really engage on this wonderful networking tool.

After The Spark LB march

BUT, that’s not the end of it. While I might conquer the mountain peak of LinkedIn today with guests, next month, I’ll cover Pay-Per-Click advertising and direct mail marketing. If Google and the Direct Marketing Association uses direct mail marketing and PPC, why wouldn’t you? (Yeah, makes no sense not to.)After The Spark LB april

Although, I won’t imitate Jack a.k.a. Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and stand wobbly-footed on the front of a ship, I’ll scream out in my little internal voice that I’m the queen of the wooooorld and work on continuing to bring great trainings and value to you, my friends. Won’t you want to conquer the world with me?

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