So some of you may have read The Alchemist and felt the way I did once I read the end. Awwww man. Well I won’t give it away. But I did an awww man when I realized that something I’d dreamed for on March 20, 2009 and written down was the solution to the brain numbing question of “What’s next?”

Entrepreneurs feed off of creativity and sometimes, when all looks great from the outside, an entrepreneur will feel distressed and like they’ve done all they can do. At times, it makes them want to quit.

There is even a well documented phenomenon called startup depression which sends people just like you and me, eager hopefuls with the million billion dollar idea crying home to mama once things start to slump and kinks come up up in the plan. The key is to stick it out and work through the lull and creatively pull to the end–usually launch and later selling.

Well, I’m not a tech startup, but I definitely felt uncreative and like I was tired. Mostly tired of not having my midnight epiphanies. Afterall, I need these ideas to burst forth so I can create awesome campaigns for myself and others.

But last Tuesday, as I was driving down the 710 into Long Beach, my mind wandered and like a light flash, I remembered this business plan that I’d written and that lay dormant. It was for another venture but I never thought to apply this solution to my problem.

In a snap, not only had I had a breakthrough but this perfectly fit puzzle piece unleashed a flood of new ideas and campaigns to support the growth that is to come. The solution was with me all along. I just needed to go through a bit of a struggle on my own to finally get to what I had tucked in a book in a shelf.

Are you vexed by some business challenge? Are you losing sleep, tapping your fingers, trying to figure out the best way to get to the next level? Get quiet, remind yourself of your original vision for the business and see whether going back to your original plan and purpose will help you where you may have deviated. Of course, having a brainstorm with an objective party may help you come up with solutions you may have never thought of.

Be creative, keep going and you may end up with the brilliant solution that lied within you always.

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