This is true. It’s tried, tested and true time and again in my life. My stack of colorfully designed books are piled beside my bed and I’m anxious to pen this post so I can get to it. I’m craving knowledge and insights from thought leaders, ground breakers, and sales gods. To make it all better, I got one book from its author, all while eating a large chicken burrito drenched in a red chili sauce with a side of fresh guacamole and sour cream (and drinking margaritas)! Yessss!

As much as this sounds like fun to me, plenty don’t read, or don’t read at regular intervals. My advice to an entrepreneur or any ambitious person is that if you thought the school days adage “Reading Is Fundamental” was essential, today’s life and climate makes this need to be slapped on your forehead.

After all, what is school or certification programs mostly about? Reading. So after completion, the need for education, stories, case studies, experiments, lectures and homework remains a need if you will progress at the rate you wish too.

I don’t think it’s by chance that Donald Trump and Mark Cuban each read at least three hours a day. (Replace tweeting with reading. ‘Memba that.) They aren’t picking up licentious crap, but rather personal and professional development titles, industry magazines, news, stock information and about arts and theater.

This says to me that your reading, like anything else you do, must have a distinct, pointed AND advantageous purpose. In addition to time saving, I think this is the single thing that will make you lead a productive and prosperous life. So read things that matter.

This takes us to the title that I’m most eager to devour. Start Something That Matters! ( that was gifted to me by Michele Colon, prolific blogger at (link to her page at, because she said it was an amazing book. The thing that the author Blake Mycoskie is doing is creating a movement with his brand TOMS shoes. They did something revolutionary with shoes that impacted the lives of people and we should want to have a business with (repeat after me) a distinct, pointed AND advantageous purpose. So thanks to Blake (TOMS) and Michele, I have something that will refuel my passion to impact people profoundly.

But after I finish the book, I’ll be all like, “Wow, I want to change the world like Kid President! But, erm, how???” That’s where author and friend, Tammy Washington’s book Nailed It! comes in.

This book will lead me to awesome! “Be it, Do it, Achieve it!” the subtitle reads. Her books shows how changing your mindset, getting clarity, and living with integrity will help you to nail it and get ‘er (read: your goal) done.

This is only a couple of things I wish to read over leftover burritos and McDonald’s Sweet Tea (it’s only a $1 and it’s really sweet, ahhhh) this week. The next ambitions is to Nail It! and wrap my own book. A sista has been playing games and I have goals to get, mannnnn (on top of the fact that my book in your reading queue will empower you like a BAWSE).

Oh wow! It’s 2:00 a.m. and I haven’t gotten started. Until we chat again, grab these books and read to boost your mind, your actions, and your life!

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