I’m fresh out of my #divadisconnect where I went 7 days without TV or social media (I admit I did accidentally check Facebook so I had to delete the icons off my phone to break my habitual, read: neurotic, checking). I’m feeling clearer about my life and business and ever glad I did it. What about you?

You may not have joined me on this digital detox, but one thing I can say is that for me, the break eliminated a lot of noise and freed up a lot of wasted time so I can work on other projects. I did a LOT of reading, writing, spent some time by the pool (yes, California gets summer weather on some winter days), and I had a lot of time for great conversations and relationship building. My mom and I did a few days with her being in the hospital so being disconnected allowed me to focus on her and also get some much needed sleep to help me recuperate from the same bronchitis that had her down. What a great week!

In all this, I worked on getting things DONE. I closed out a clients project. Sent some necessary emails. Volunteered to support a couple of organizations that I think I can impact positively. Consulted with a potential client. Had a great mastermind with my development geek friend @oustcat (I love this gal!). Built some strategic partnerships. Spoke to a money coach. I really worked on MY business.

But are you working on yours? I ask because many times, we’re doing so much client work or sales and marketing that we don’t get to do things related to making our businesses better. For example, how is your sales strategy working for you? Do you have website shame (I’m kinda going through this myself–We all do at times, hence the need to shout out Shelli at Oustcat)? What about your branding or content strategy? Is any of that being pushed to the side in order to just get by, while preventing you from reaching the potential you’re ultimately working for?

If you are, good deal! There’s always room for improvement, right?

I also have great news for you if you are in the Los Angeles or Orange County area. Some awesome local thought-leaders on sales, branding and photography, web development, and marketing and PR are coming together for the second After The Spark Business Combustive in Long Beach, CA on Thursday, February 28, 2013. Sales and motivation speaker Matthew Payne, photographer Alexis Evanoff, and web development and e-commerce guru Simon Tygesen are joining me in bringing a three hour workshop for small and emerging businesses seeking to really work on their businesses.

This workshop is seriously energetic so that if you come, you won’t be lost or bored, or losing the value of your time and money. We are working with a partner SpeedPro Imaging in Long Beach, a large-format print and marketing consulting company that has opened up their facilities for us to tour AND take advantage of this After The Spark Business Combustive.

Do you really want to keep procrastinating on things? Would you like to find some solutions to your branding, marketing, sales, or website problems?  If so, register now! After The Spark LB

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