First there was what friend Ann! of Afrolicious would call a digital moment of silence, whereby we’d take a break from all social media and devices to concentrate on spiritual things, or at least, something more purposeful. We’d return and share what we accomplish what we did during this silence. She’d also do it for special causes.

In that, I found solace from what was to me, being OVER connected, always glued to my phone or laptop, not even putting a device down so I could enjoy a meal with a close friend. I also found that I got a butt load more done. So the idea of a digital moment of silence continued. I called it a digital detox.

It felt like one. All the crap I was consuming via the computer and even television would weigh me down. I would physically feel tired and therefore icky and I wasn’t productive. I realized that by keeping my TV consumption and connection to my social media, under control, I was writing more, making more sales calls, outside of the house more and overall getting more done.

It wasn’t even like this sacrifice was hard. I liked being tuned in, but I liked the results of not being tuned in better. It was sexy. A sexy sacrifice.

Each week, I started doing Throwaway Thursday in my networking and mastermind group, Ambitious Diva. On Thursday, we’d discuss what we would give up, to get something better–A Sexy Sacrifice, I would call it. The ladies would speak of time wasters, people, procrastination and other negative things. Of course the thread was that their projects weren’t being done.

We started doing scheduled work parties for accountability and to support each other getting projects done and one of the things was to stay way from Twitter and from posting from Facebook until your project was done. We were making the Sexy Sacrifice by doing a digital detox, freeing ourselves from the binds of procrastination and mundane tasks that didn’t lead to our making money or progress.

But after that few hours, we’d be back to normal, wasting out time on activities that weren’t income producing. We were busy doing nothing that really impacted our business or goals. Websites were unfinished. Books unpublished. Exercise regimens skipped. Dreams remaining such and no manifestation.

As an advocate for progress, I had a problem with that. I wasn’t getting done what I wanted to. I wasn’t finishing projects that I’d worked on. I wasn’t monetizing my trainings like I’d wanted to. I hadn’t built websites that would capture new leads. I hadn’t read my Bible nightly like I said I would. I wasn’t communicating with my family as I wished to.

You may relate. “I have no time,” you say, and you may not. But what if you were sitting down from 6 p.m. to midnight watching Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, a couple of murder mysteries, Scandal, and then after the news, Jay Leno? Guess what? Six hours of your life is gone.

We all are given the same amount of time and although we have differing circumstances, effective people manage their time much better than some of us. In fact, many skip TV and social media altogether, focusing merely on building relationships, reading and work.

For others, if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense. If TV or your social media usage is not directly impacting your income, why do it? If you’re doing anything that isn’t directly supporting your clearly defined objectives, why do it? If you aren’t where you want to be, what actions and adjustments do you need to make today, to effect change in your life?

Starting last Monday, I decided that I needed not to watch TV and to work on client projects. I got a head start on what I am starting today, February 1, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. I’m doing a Diva Disconnect, the ultimate Sexy Sacrifice challenge for me, a crime drama fan and social media addict. For 7 days, until next Friday, February 8 2013, I’m going to refrain from posting to social media and from watching TV.

I wanted others to join me initially for a 30-day challenge, but they said it was too much. Beyond the Superbowl, this weekend and beyond anything I want to do this week, I have my book to write. I have my house to get in order. I have sales calls to make. I have deals to close, sponsorships to seek, reading to complete, relationships to build, love to give and time to use fruitfully. You do too.

Others may disconnect for more noble goals and I applaud them and ask them to join me in solidarity by turning the lights our on the continuous stream of messaging that seems to cloud our minds and productive activity. Be meditative during this time. Be valiant in this time. Volunteer, learn, give, progress.

Who: Diva’s and Gents everywhere

What: #divasdisconnect

When: February 1-8, 2013

Where: TV and/or social media

Why: To make time for getting to our goals

Mission: Make sure of the more important things.


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