It’s been a good long week of barfing and coughing and otherwise feeling under the weather yet while I was away (not really away since my smartphone’s always nearby) we saw some cool things going on with Facebook.

The first thing is this rumored testing of the “spam preventative measure” (my words not EXACTLY theirs) of charging some folks to message the main inbox for fees of $1-100 is true. I’ve seen it myself and all I can say is Facebook should break me off a percentage of the money they could collect for people messaging me. I’m just saying.

Of course, more details reveal the fees will only be charged in cases where the account being messaged has high privacy settings. Also, influence will make the difference of whether a user will be charged $1 or other low rate or upwards of $100.

If I had the magic privacy settings that would trigger a charge to someone else attempting to send a message to my main inbox, my influence may only warrant a $1 charge. Now, in the case of someone trying to message Zuckerburg himself or maybe Oprah, the fee would be $100.

Is this like a bootleg Klout score something rather? I mean, can I get some money out of this? Afterall, they want to message me, so why is FB getting all my money? Lol

Anyhoo, in other Facebook news, there’s mucho hoopla about the graph search. I signed up for beta testing and look forward to giving it a go. It’s supposed to be major for brands marketing on Facebook and I can see why. It looks like Facebook had a baby with Google and Pinterest and called it graph search (what an ugly name for a new technology or a baby). Judging from intro video, the search is image heavy and will allow the right people to locate your profile (or page, I think…don’t quote me, I haven’t accessed my beta testing yet).

Graph search appears to be more visually appealing but I wonder if it has newer search capabilities that outrank what their existing search platform does (list profiles and pages and send you to Bing). Let’s hope this new tool will really impact connection and for those of us running businesses, traffic and sales.

Now the blogging part….Today, yes, today in about ten hours (it’s 2:47 a.m.) I will be telling a group of women everything I know about blogging at an event called The List. My talk will be to the point. All most people will want to know is Can you make money blogging and HOW? Then they say, but I don’t want to blog very much, like once or twice every couple months. Then, I give them the stern talking to about the benefits of blogging outside of money because, let’s face it, you may or may not make money.

So, I have all these notes and handouts to fill these ladies with hope and wonder about blogging, why it’s revolutionized the way I communicate and how it has made me money.

The basic takeaways will be, define your why for blogging, be committed to it, treat it as a business by planning out sales, marketing and growth and maybe exit strategies, and write.

Many of us have been voiceless about many things and blogging gives us the opportunity to share our passion, educate and/or entertain and connect with people all over the world. We become the media. We tell our stories. We build our businesses. For me, it’s one of the most empowering things we can do.

If you aren’t planning on being at The List, visit my Business Booster Coaching page and book your month long coaching appointments so I can help you get started or grow your blog and business. For $150, you will get customized strategies for building your business and/or and answers to all the questions that are keeping you from moving you forward.

The world of marketing is on a move so it’s clear we have to be. If you need support, please schedule a call with me today!

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