It’s been about a week since my last blog post and I’ve missed sharing my stories and tips with you. This has been a busy week for most with the holidays or other obligations and keeping up with a content strategy may have been quite a bit challenging. This is especially true, if you were like me and feeling like a bear in hibernation, slumbering late on cold, wintry days. How can you take a vacay and still keep on top of your content and posting on blogs and social media?

Fortunately, Facebook and several third party tools know that planning ahead works wonders for marketing strategies and staying engaged. A vacation is the perfect opportunity to use them. Here’s my favorite tools.

Facebook. The big FB has more recently allowed for scheduled posts. If you need to post that your sale begins at midnight, but you don’t want to stay up until midnight to post, the scheduling setting will allow you to write a post and schedule it at a future date and time.

Hootsuite. This is my major favorite superduper Twitter client. I mean, it’s more than that with its abilities to manage posting to Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google + pages and WordPress amongst other platforms. Not only can you schedule posts, but you can schedule posts in bulk, using a spreadsheet formatted according to their ubersimple requirements.

SocialOomph. It’s kinda like Hootsuite but I favored it’s ability to loop the same tweets at a given time of the day. It’s also responsible for those auto-tweets many people use to send you a message as soon as you follow them (I HATE auto-tweets BTW). The great part of SocialOomph is it integrates with Facebook, Twitter and WordPress so you can schedule posts in advance with this platform as well.

WordPress. If you follow an editorial calendar, if you want to plan posts to match promotional campaigns, or you’re inspired to write two weeks worth of posts, you can use WordPress and its built-in scheduling feature. Instead of publishing posts immediately, select the date and time you wish for your post to go live on your blog. Saves you from worrying about getting up by 7am to post when you’re sailing in the South of France, or decidedly in bed watching reruns of The Talk.

Networked Blogs. If your blog is synched to Facebook and Twitter using this app, your programmed blog posts will be tweeted and posted shortly after the blog post goes live on your blog. Your fans and followers will be able to get your latest and everybody is happy.

WordPress app. I almost forgot about this one! Let’s just say you don’t plan in advance but you feel like writing something while you’re on the go. The WordPress app on your smartphone will save your butt. I often blog while I’m in transit and set the post to go live days later. It also helps you catch inspiration as it happens–a plus for someone who may need content to continue to flow while away.

There you have it. Those are my favorite tools for managing my content and and engagement when I know I’m going to be away. Not to mention OPC (other people’s content) using a service like Twitterfeed or reusing your old stuff using a plugin like Tweet Old Post. Be ready for your time away and don’t ignore your duty of giving people great stuff to read by using these cool tools to make writing and scheduling posts a cinch.