dreamsblossomIn less than a week, all those with new years goals will burst forth aiming for things from weight loss, more money, moving abroad, getting married and a host of other things their hearts desire. Some are naysayers when it comes to new years resolutions, but my thoughts are, you have to start somewhere and for timekeeping purposes, the new year is as good a time as any. So let’s get to it!

Ambitious Diva has been a become a support group for women and some very ambitious gentlemen who are ultimately looking for a better life, career and health. By associating together and sharing resources and acting as accountability partners, many have taking things to the next level, gotten over humps, availed themselves of training and coaching and by golly, these people have read their butts off. I applaud them.

Now, it’s time to support Ambitious Diva members with publicly making themselves accountable with the Dreams Blossom contest, sponsored by EnticingObjects.com and presented by Ambitious Diva. This contest is a very simple one. Any and everyone can ENTER by commenting on this post with their dream for the year AND tweeting me “@jasminepowers My dreams WILL blossom #2013ambitious”.

Do you want to learn a new language? Would you like to finally break off a bad relationship? Will you finally launch your online consignment store? We encourage you to enter and share them with the world here. To help you remember this goal for the rest of the year, EnticingObjects.com will grant 5 ambitious people with a Thais Flower to help remind them that their dreams will BLOSSOM. Winners will be chosen by two judges, Ms. Thais and I, the cheerleaders for you taking your dreams, planting them firmly and making them grow!

What dream will you plant today? Comment below with your dream and tweet me the note above and by next Wednesday, 1/1/13 at 11:59 p.m. we will select our five amazing winners of Thais Flowers.

Cheers to you and all your wonderful achievable goals for 2013!

*Winners will be notified by Twitter so be sure to tweet to complete your entry.

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