Phew! That was an amazing way to end the evening. For the last six hours–it’s 2 a.m. now–I have been working on my online marketing. My website, all my social accounts, my autoresponder and everything I could think of got tweaked. It feels good and I feel so much more focused after cleaning up my content and getting things consistent with my brand.

Midway, I had an epiphany. I AM A STORYTELLER. After thinking about how I want to rework my content strategy, it was clear that somethings are making my online “story” unfocused, long, and doesn’t add value to what’s being said. It became clear I needed to cut things out. I needed to Twitterize my digital marketing strategy.

Speaking of Twitter, what is the story I want to tell there? If a tweet doesn’t add value, isn’t engaging and isn’t a conversation with someone else, why do it? I realize that some tweets are for fun, but unless I have lots of time on my hands to play, I could be spending more time building meaningful content elsewhere. Cut!

Pinterest is GREAT! Interestingly enough, though, I hadn’t been using it in the best way for my brand. I was just pinning for pinnings sake. The best way to use Pinterest is to tell a story. Mine is “Fun marketing girl with a passion for beauty, business, event production, and creative is knowledgeable about her work and inspires people to live their best life.” To more clearly convey this at a glance, I deleted about five boards and some random pins. I set some boards as secret so that only the boards that tell my story effectively are visible. My account is clean and says exactly what it should. Cut!

Tumblr! Yikes. Thanks to Pinterest, I don’t use Tumblr anymore. I leveraged Tumblr, primarily in maintaining content for Natural Hair Parade and images related to beauty and curly and kinky hair. However, because so many things that I wanted to reblog didn’t fit on that tumblog, I had four other tumblogs. How spread out was that?! Again, I deleted the unnecessary tumblogs, and began uploading quotes that will drive my audience back to Cut! Win!

Facebook will always be my favorite so I manage it the most effectively. Being consistent and being an engaging thought leader is key. My page can use the extra time I have from NOT using every social channel that’s out there– especially if there is no ROI–for sharing carefully thought out and specially designed custom images that bear my URL. These will start conversations, be shared and attract attention to my website and services. Cut! Paste!

What accounts can be ignored now that I’ve tested them for my brand and my goals? Google+ is more about Hangouts for meetings than content sharing. Cut! Instagram never was for me. Delete. SoundCloud. Trashed.

When assessing the purpose for any social account or activity online like blogging, commenting, or participating in groups, you have to be concerned with value and whether it’s helping you reach your goals or whether you’re wasting time and energy. When you get laser focused and know what you want to do, where best to get those results, only spend time with the top producers, and share consistent and well thought out messages, you eliminate a lot of the frustration that comes from being all over the place and seeing no results.

Twitter revolutionized blogging by consolidating what could take forever to say down into 140 characters. You cut the fluff and filler and get to the point. Do the same thing by cutting out the extra, meaningless stuff in your online marketing activities and get results.