The beginning of the Ambitious Diva journey started with a page of affirmations that I needed to get me out of a rough spot in my life. After sharing them with my closest friends, seed took root and inspired them too. They shared and one morning about a year after I’d written the affirmations, an article about me and the Ambitious Diva Affirmations showed up in a popular online women’s magazine for their weekly Motivation Monday.

Two years from the time I originally penned these affirmations, I’ve seen a need to add more powerful statements, include an affirmation about not letting MEN OR RELATIONSHIPS OR THE BREAKUP OF THEM SLOW YOU DOWN, make the affirmations ring current and in existence (no more “I will” but “I AM”), and include more reminders about PUTTING YOUR PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, AND MENTAL HEALTH FIRST.

This is some powerful stuff ladies. You all have grown with me and done some OUTSTANDING THINGS over this past year. I applaud you for your persistence, resilience, passion, and profitability.

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