How many of you started a small business and are letting it fester by not working it or aiming to grow it? You are not alone. I was a Mary Kay consultant twice and both times I signed up, I bought product, passed out a few books, sold a few products but NEVER aimed to book a class/party and let my business fizzle out. Oops! I guess that’s called noTRYpreneuring.

Then, what about that time that I wanted to start an event planning company and recruited two reluctant partners who never wanted to be a part and proved it by failing to get involved and me letting that stop me. I’d even put up a website and started my marketing and sales process, but after the first lead didn’t end up being a paid client, I gave up. Another business flop.

Lastly, what about the time that I wanted to launch an entertainment network and after the first roadblock, I threw up my hands and let it go by the wayside. No effort to try again. No efforts to test a different approach or partners.

Does that sound like you? Do you have great ideas that you got enough courage to start, but you began to doubt yourself or the viability of your business and you just walked away from your dream? Could it be that the business wasn’t a failure but that by not working hard or showing some stick-to-it-ive-ness you failed your business?

Each persons answer will differ. In my case, though, I can look back and see how specific actions or failure to act led to my businesses demise. I started it, but I didn’t finish it. I played around with an idea, all that could work but let hurdles become mountains that I didn’t try to climb. Have you or are you trying enough?

This brings up for me the popular YouTube clip for How Bad Do You Want It (Success)? Is your dream just a passing thought or a good idea for you rather than what you REALLY want? Starting things and not finishing them many times can depend on you, not outside circumstances. What is your passion? What are your hindrances or fears? Now, how are your hindrances impacting what you want? “Don’t go to sleep until you succeed,” says Eric Thomas, the speaker featured in the video.

Don’t just think about it, be about it. If you half-heartedly approach anything, the results will be just that. I just was watching Oprah interviewing Justin Bieber and she quoted from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and his mention of 10,000 hours to be a phenom. If your business isn’t doing what you want it to do, can you say you’ve put in your 10,000 hours? If not, then keep trying, going, working.

Plenty of us have had failed businesses, but I’m trying to help you NOT be a failed business by helping you to be very deliberate in affecting its success. You can’t give a little and expect a lot. Truthfully, that goes for anything, so learn the lesson now.

Finish what you start. Put in your time. Put in your effort. Put in a solid amount of drive and passion. Don’t think that starting the business is the end. Getting out of it what you want and what you put in is the end. Until you get that, keep going.

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