After about a year of really engaging with Ambitious Diva‘s, I’ve gotten a chance to explore both their and my own goals, triumphs, hindrances and fears. The observation proves human nature, that we all have beautiful intentions but that we must overcome personal inclinations and hardships to see intentions come to fruition. Looking at others made me look at myself and ask about reaching points where I felt stuck or like I couldn’t progress past a certain point to see WHAT was stopping me. Had I hit a glass ceiling?

Really, many of us, myself included have self-sabotaging behaviors that make growth and progress difficult and in some cases impossible. Here’s some that I saw in myself:

Unclear goals. Not having a clue or being unclear about WHAT you want makes it difficult to progress. What move should you make if you don’t know where you want to go.

Fear. The great paralyzer. A clear action plan and great goals plus a big scary outlook makes progress seem formidable. One begins to ask themselves, “Why try?” Then they don’t.

Lack of creativity. There are inevitable roadblocks. But what if you could come up with a way to swing over the tree, around the pole and OVER the roadblock. Creativity will keep an optimistic outlook real because it will see past the present and find solutions to get to the future that you want.

Weakened determination. Like fear, having a weak drive will bring progress to a halt. Feeling like “I can’t” will lead to “I won’t.” Sometimes renewed determination can come from figuring out how to do something, remembering your purpose and why it’s important to you, and being reminded how incredibly possible it is for you.

Disorganization. Eeks…I’m so guilty of this. Being disorganized takes MORE time and energy than having structure and order. Haphazardly going through life will prevent forward movement. After all, can you even put what you need to go forward together or are you all over the place without priority and order to get things done?

No Focus. “What are you doing anyway?” Oh, that question has stopped me in my tracks. Being all things to all people makes you be a little to everyone rather than a lot to someone. Or another way of looking at it is, can you reach a certain destination if you’re driving the opposite direction? Get singular. Get focused. Get your goal.

Failure to plan. This is related to disorganization and lack of focus and creativity. Planning needs to have structure, order, sequences, timelines and solutions. People who get what they want are often no more able than you. They have a vision, figure out what to do to get there, then do it. Perhaps reading and following a preexisting plan can help if you have trouble in this area. Approaching things with some sort of outline makes the process much easier and doable.

Procrastination. Have you noticed that it takes more brain space to worry about doing something than actually doing it? Action actually takes a fraction of the time, rather than the hours or days it takes to keep putting it off. The problem needs a solution and doing it is the answer.

We all reach plateaus and at times get uncomfortable with where we are. It’s in these moments that we seek inspiration and anticipate breaking any boundaries that prevent our progress. We might be the boundary. However, not all is lost. We have the opportunity to challenge our weaknesses and fight for our goal. Break the glass ceiling!