One of the biggest challenges business diva’s face is not knowing what to do or how to do things for their business. It’s not an insurmountable problem because we can’t profess to know how to do everything, at least not perfectly, especially at the beginning. Then, the great thing is there are business-to-business service providers ready to help you get going and begin working your dream business. But how on earth will you pay for everything?

Along with the other challenges, budget may be one of them. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to fund your dream. It’s a simple fact but countless people seem to have the idea that B2B services should come free and should be offered until “I make it big and can pay you then”. It’s not wrong to not have a budget but its wrong to think someone else owes you free services.

So what’s the workaround? I too have been a bootstrapping, low and no budget entrepreneur. I used to outsource everything but then it no longer was cost effective for me. Then, my designer and friend said, “You can do it yourself.” Say what? The challenge began.

I was nervous to try anything design related but over time and study ans mistakes, confidence began to build and I started offering my design as a service to clients. Afterall, I’d successfully learned marketing on my own. And guess what else? I saved tons of money.

When you don’t have a budget and if your are motivated, you can learn how to do much yourself. You are capable and smart and should know for yourself how to do very basic marketing and accounting and administrative tasks for yourself. Then, when the big bucks roll in, or at least when you can afford to, you can outsource.

Bartering is another great option. I only recommend that you make sure you give 100% in the arrangement and that whoever you have such an arrangement with gives just as much so that neither of you are taken advantage of.

There are other workarounds like finding free or low cost options but the attitude of undermining another professionals need to operate a profitable business is unsavvy.

There’s a certain pride you can have in doing things yourself too. You will have built your business from the ground up, brick by brick. You will have shown yourself how capable you are. The sense of accomplishment is immense. And best of all, you can keep your money and in fact MAKE money with your new skill.

I encourage new businesses to save their money or at least be very conscious about how they spend it because it can go very fast and the business can bankrupt. It’s not impossible to run a business without outsourcing services, you just need to be creative and find other solutions.

What have you taught yourself in the process of building your business from scratch? What are some other creative ways you can pick up new skills? Please do share. Perhaps you’ll support someone else in their growth.

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