This title came in my mind simply because I was thinking about how often we (myself included) puts our success or other goals off to this magical time when everything is perfect for it. Is there EVER a better time time? The “I’ll be happy when” “I’ll lose weight when” “I’ll quit smoking when” thing can sabotage us. How?

Well think of this. How can you be sure that you’ll have the motivation and support you need to succeed at that evasive future time? What prevents you from buckling down and stealing the moment now? If you make your success at a goal contingent merely on circumstances beyond control, how can you CONTROL your progress?

I’m not saying that you can’t allow yourself a reasonable time period to work on something but I do think that hinging your action on that perfect “when” or even the new year as so many of us do, that you position yourself to push it off indefinitely.

Perhaps a better approach is to start now and make small advances if big sudden ones scare you. Chart your progress so that even of you fall off a bit, you can prove to yourself that over the long run you’ve been taking action and therefore having a measure of success. Let me show you how.

For me losing weight has proved challenging. In 2010, I hired a coach, purged my refrigerator of unhealthy foods and started working out. Then, because my motivation was short lived, I quit. Later, I was motivated by my love of swimming to begin program of exercise. In the long run, I lost weight. I could’ve felt that because I “failed” with the first effort, I should put off any future effort until “when” the time was right. Also, in terms of success, I may not have made linear progress but in charting my long term weight loss, I had been successful.

So for you, I say start and any of your efforts can be notches in your progress and success. Motivation may be low but do a little now, whatever you can, and monitor the results of your action. Over time you can see and celebrate your success instead of waiting for this big perfect moment to do a phenomenally big change. You can be successful NOW.

Stop putting your action and progress off. Don’t let it wait for sometime in the future. Do what you can. Like the old adage says, seize the moment!