Today, i was chatting with a fellow Ambitious Diva about web copy and converting visitors into paying customers. One thing that we both agreed on was people need clear calls to action. What are clear calls to action, you might ask?

Well, to put it simply, a clear call to action is clearly telling people exactly what they should do when they get to your site. Click here, buy now, read more, order, sign up, search. People usually go to a website looking to do one thing and they are looking for the fastest route to it. Who wants to have to scroll around and click and read through several pages before finding what they are looking for?

Of course with content marketing there is a lot of education happening on a website. It also helps that with all the content you’re providing that you’re using keywords to drive traffic to your site from search engines. However, once a person is there, they only really want to do a couple of things, research or buy.

If you’re interested in educating and answering a question of their research, make that information clear and ready to be found, perhaps with a well organized navigation bar, search, categories, site map or FAQs. Especially is such true if you have a blog. If a person wants to buy from your site, you’ll want the SHOP section to be easy to find and to make buying happen within two clicks. Even the placement of your BUY NOW buttons matter. They should be big and above the point on the page where you need to scroll.

Do you know why babies love Apple products and iPads? Because they make sense. Do you know why sites like Amazon or Google are so simple? Because people like simplicity, duh. Search, click, bam.

Give attention to how easy it would be for a child to do things on your site. They favor bright, simple things and oddly enough, adults do too. Try making your calls to action in large fonts, on bright colored buttons. Place them beside and not underneath your products. Use images where possible.

Measure the results of your site traffic and click through rates using Google Analytics and your ecom platform. Try different placements and find which works best for you. Once you identify what works, stick with it.

People are simple beings. Make life as easy and obvious as you can and tell them just what you want them to do. Chances are they are looking JUST for that and will take the appropriate action once they land on your site. If you need help, click the contact and consult with me page. It’s easy to find!

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