Today is Small Business Saturday and after so much holiday related shopping, we may be thinking about unique ways to capture buyers attention.

Sometimes we forget the very basics. For example, I’m at a networking event and guess what? I have NO business cards on hand. What perhaps could you be doing to promote your business, especially online that seems obvious, but you may not be taking advantage. Here’s a couple that come to mind:

Yelp, Yahoo or Google Places. These location based listings can help someone looking for your type of business in your area find you. It’s much like the Yellow Pages (which is another service that you can list your business both online and off) except it’s online and convenient for internet and mobile search.

Search Marketing. You know those ads that are just what you’re looking for when you enter a search on Google? The ones at the top that are highlighted get there because the advertiser uses search marketing by means of Google AdWords. They bid for keywords that a customer is likely to search and pay if a user clicks on their ad. It allows advertisers to be placed above organic search results, where they are most likely to get traffic.

Facebook Ads and Promoted Tweets. Makes sense to go where the people are and to do it with very targeted ads. You can break these down where they show up JUST for the type of people who you want to shop with you.

Email Marketing. Use MailChimp, iContact, Aweber or another service to send promotions and educational email messages to stay connected between sales and to keep people coming back. Be careful to be informative and fun to make sure people don’t delete your messages.

Contests and Giveaways. With Wildfire App or Facebooks built in applications, you can conduct contests that can grow fan numbers, drive traffic to your site and build you leads. Not enough people take advantage of the fact that people LOVE free stuff. A small investment of your merchandise may help you win lifelong customers.

Social Media and Blogging. Yeah. Obvious. But so many of us don’t do it, don’t do it enough, or don’t do it right. Engage, don’t sell. Make friends and build the relationship by sharing great content and then convert them with a sales call, a meeting or by sending them to a website or lead gen.

There’s so many more things we can do but most of us just don’t think to do it or we’re scared to try other methods. Don’t be like me and forget your business card–especially your digital presence in other places than your website–and be prepared to build new relationships in other places you may’ve been ignoring.

Try something new and see how it goes. Let me know your results!

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