2012 has been an exciting year for me, Natural Hair Parade (now in hiatus), and Ambitious Diva. I planned events, traveled across the country and met so many beautiful people. Now, I look back and say, “Wow, is it the end of the year already?”

2012 may have been just as exciting, and just as challenging as it has for me. It’s about this time that I like to assess what I did well, what I can improve and what I can implement next year so that I can be most successful. And that doesn’t only mean I focus on my business activities.

Here’s some things I’ve asked myself and that may help you in assessing this year and implementing some changes next year:

What’s really important and did I do enough of it this year?

How do my finances stand and what can I do to improve them in the coming year (spending less frivolously, saving more, getting a second job)

What is my weight looking like and has weight gain contributed to less energy to do the things that are important?

Have I maintained my positive relationships and limited or eliminated the ones that drain me of much needed mental focus or resources?

Have I put my spiritual well-being as a priority and less important things where they belong so I maintain my balance?

How much time have I wasted doing unimportant things this year and what is a good way for me to get a handle on it moving forward?

How am I nurturing my need for creativity and learning and how can I do more of it next year?

What drastic change can I make to be truly happy and effective and what kept me from doing it before?

The list can go on. What the purpose of this is for me has been to be conscious about what I’m doing and not approach life haphazardly. It’s helped because by nature, I’m not a very structured person, you know, I’m the artist type. But by being strategic and having meaningful self assessments and action plans, I’ve been able to get more done than I imagined possible for me.

The great thing is that we don’t have to wait until year end or the new year to do something about our lives. Even our businesses are affected by what is going on mentally, physically and spiritually in our lives. So take care of your foundation, you, and things will run better for you. That’s my hope anyway.

Live well.