That’s terrible isn’t it. It’s very true though. Not that money buys happiness or money is most important, but it can’t be argued that money funds our living in most places.

But did you know that some of us >>points at myself<< had the misconception that money was the root of all evil instead of THE LOVE of money? Did you know that I'd never known it was possible to NOT live paycheck to paycheck? Did you know the only way I learned that there was anything more and that I didn't HAVE to be broke and barely making ends meet was by learning that others like me successfully were able live more abundantly? It wasn't until I saw other people like me saying they had savings, that they did well in real estate, education, tech or other industries that I realized that only my circle was struggling. While struggling doesn't define a person or their class, I just was in awe to find out that I could actually hope to have a nice car, live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and have savings. Also, as it related to my business, if everybody in my target market were broke, how could I ever grow and prosper? It's much like being a hamster on a wheel, working hard but getting no where. There was no way to scale my business. So it's imperative to surround yourself with least a few people who don't live like you, who have experiences to show you what's possible, especially if you're plagued with limiting belief systems like I had. Expose yourself in your personal life to people of all walks of life so you can have a broad view of the world around you and the options open to you. In business, stop only going to the local or low cost events. IF you can, invest in higher end events or mastermind groups or find a way to get involved by volunteering, so you can connect with a more affluent and more profitable target market or network. If you stay with the same crowd making the same level of low profits, you won't grow. So many of us have no idea what possibilities are out there, and not even just making  a lot of money. But as it pertains to this subject, expand. Expose yourself to more to get more. No more poverty mindset for you. It's possible not to have a struggling business by just changing your circle of influence. If you want to be MY friend, email me at [email protected]! Let's be grow together!