Guess what? I have started a contract at a great company. I know, I know, a few weeks back I discussed the woes of the corporate world but I am thrilled to get up and leave the house every morning that I don’t know what to do with myself. It surely is a new beginning and an adjustment because the past three years of working at home have been great and I’d gotten spoiled.

Does working for yourself or someone else have to be a drag? According to the family of a fellow entrepreneurs, “Everybody hates their job.” What? I don’t want that to be my existence and I certainly don’t believe that its true. So if you DO hate your job is there any hope?

Absolutely! What I’ve learned in working with coaches and following what those is the business of transformation are saying is working with a purpose and serving is what brings the most joy. But that’s not new. The Bible (yeah, I read it and nope I’m not gonna beat you with it) said there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. So it makes sense to work for a company or do something that’s related to a higher purpose.

Most of us don’t have work for nonprofits or in a field that has a direct connection to serving others but what about looking at your job as means to provide for the needs of yourself and your family? Doesn’t that have a LOT of honor attached to it?

What about dealing with crazy customers, an irate boss, or the politics of an office staff? Emotional intelligence will help you rise above the ups and downs of what essentially is their problem. Be friendly, communicate with a cool head, and try to work out differences in a private meeting with the person giving you problems rather that fueling the fire by starting what we call “mess”.

Proper care for yourself helps a bunch to, for if you don’t feel well, it’s hard to be happy. Can you organize your time so that you go to bed earlier? What about nourishing your mind with something intellectually or spiritually stimulating daily? Eating well planned, healthy meals will do you better than fast and junk foods and a regular schedule of exercise will release stress and generate some endorphins needed to get through the day.

Work and stress are very real but it doesn’t HAVE to be a miserable experience. There is a lot you can do to manage your emotions and mindset so that you perform well on your job, deal with the headaches and have a better sense of happiness and accomplishment.

My favorite thing is helping others both inside and outside of work hours because work sometimes makes you feel unappreciated or undervalued. Finding other ways to find fulfillment and stimulation can help you keep the right attitude about earning an income and keep you from being a hasty quitter (I admit I’ve done that in the past too).

Rock out to your favorite jams during your commute, pray often and try to see things from a place of gratitude. It helps TONS.

One doesn’t have to be a miserable wart at work. I know you may even find it challenging, but as far as you can, try to shift your mind, body and spirit to find as much joy you can in what you do.