People think this Pinterest thing is just picture sharing. What real marketers know it’s more than that. Using images to market products seduces buyers and apparently higher spending buyers at that (according to my friend who read a statistic according to something else…hey where’s my infographic.)

The truth is, we’ve been sharing photos of what we like for ages but strategic use of images can tell stories, convince one of benefits, and induce someone to purchase when words couldn’t.Which would go further, saying a shoe store is having a sale, or showing images of the shoes with a big red sale sign.

Not only is Pinterest and social media allowing marketers to use images but by linking the images directly to ecommerce sites, these images are driving sales and traffic. What about the indelible images that get stuck in ones head? These can be great for defining a brand, distinguishing it from others.

Remember the design of my blog? How’s this for an attempt to use images to further build brand awareness and drive traffic (when posted on Pinterest)?

Are you already using images as part of your social media strategy. If not, create images using photography or using stock images and your favorite design or image editing software like Photoshop. Use images in your blog and across all social media channels. Be sure to pin directly from the source or include a hyperlink back to your site so that when the images are clicked, they can take the user back to your site. Also, make sure that you link directly to a product page to eliminate clicks a user has to make before purchasing.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but really in this day of smart marketing, pictures are worth a lot more. Bottom lines benefit so introducing images into your marketing strategy makes dollars and sense.

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