I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately (yeah, as if I don’t think any other time) about life and the important things in it. This blog typically is about entrepreneurs, business, and encouragement and I think it’s becoming more necessary to lean toward the motivation piece. Why a shift?

Because people are depressed and discouraged, and as I’ve talked about before, I’ve had my bouts with these feelings. Economic challenges affects businesses, careers, schooling and housing and some of us may not know how to think clearly or turn things around. Watching people pour out their hearts on Facebook about things from family issues, to lay offs, I feel compelled to share a little trick that’s helped me.

We’ve all perhaps heard about gratitude and its wonders. Some of us may even keep gratitude journals. If not, now may be the time to start Have you noticed that focusing on what GOOD is going on in your life may be all you need to push you through each day.

For example, an unemployed person can be grateful that they have health and stamina in order to look for and even create a job. An ill person can be grateful that there are people who are around as caregivers, making their load lighter. A lonely person can be grateful for the invention of social media and meetup groups to they can connect to people with similar interests.

And what about this thing called hope? Have you noticed your mind gets infused with feel good juices when you think about a potential solution to a problem? It’s like, “Hmm, I bet if I called the agency about a job, I could land one” or “If I put up this Kickstarter, I might raise enough funds to finance my film project.” For you, it may be some other hopeful and optimistic thinking.

What happens when you shift your thinking, even if temporarily, onto something for which to be grateful, or something hopeful? It’s like changing a broken record. Negative and discouraging thoughts or worry can sink you into depths that you don’t want to be in. Yet, imagining the way you feel under warm blankets, or how good food tastes, or how you enjoy the laughter of your children may give you just a pinch of sunshine to make any hardship worth fighting through.

Although not everyone is struggling financially or otherwise, real challenges affect us all. At this time, your mind is your biggest asset, making the difference between clear thinking and objective decision making and total meltdown. In this time, make sure you journal, exercise, eat nutritious meals, cry if you need to, talk to trusted friends and plan and work towards a positive future.

I send virtual hugs and kisses to you all. In the meantime, please share what’s helped you stay grateful and hopeful through difficulty.

Until next time!