It’s midnight now and I’m working on what I hope will be a kicking high-end program that will change lives and businesses. Sounds lofty huh? It is and it’s totally doable. You know how I know? I’ve seen countless infopreneurs do it and it all starts with valuable content.

You may not believe your blog or your book or the services you provide have a life beyond what they do at the moment. However, when you develop additional, exercises and accountability based content surrounding your subject, you add value.

Of course, folks can Google your subject and read books about it from leading experts for a fraction of what your high-end, content rich program will cost. The missing link is you and accountability. People are born procrastinators and need help pushing them through doing things or else, who’d need teachers, professors, football coaches, etc.

When you write valuable content that educates in your chosen field, your goal is not only to establish your credibility but to lead the reader to action. Action is priceless. Action leads them to more of whatever they are looking for. The value comes in your content motivating them to do it, resulting in tangible things they hadn’t accomplished before, and your expert coaching helping them to hit the home run.

The great thing is you likely have already written a buttload of information in writing operational procedures, composing ebooks, and developing marketing collateral. What about using audio files that you can transcribe into materials to be sold?

There are tons of creative ways to come up with content, even using PLR (private label rights) material that you can customize and sell. The point is to provide key takeaways, add actionable steps and to provide your coaching, acting as an accountability partner.

Create a structured program that could be compiled into an electronic or hard copy file to be sold at events or via a landing page on your site. To help close the sale, first offer something free on your website that people would get at sign up to your mailing list. Make sure that you follow up and say if you want more on this subject, click here. This link should lead to a landing page, perhaps with a video detailing steps they could take to achieve a goal and of course, nobody actually does what they hear told, they need step by step instruction OR for you to do it for them. The landing page video will instruct them to a link to register and pay for your high-end program and you take it from there.

Of course it sounds easy and really it is. It’s just a matter of developing the content, putting it in a system where the information is easily disseminated, either in a binder or a module based membership site (I build membership sites, so let me know if you need help here) and coaching where they need help, either by Skype, phone, email, autoresponder or a combination of all.

The point is, your content means a lot to somebody and has resulted in them making money, or having an improved life, all which have value. Why not package your content in a way where you receive the VALUE for providing value.

If you need help developing content, or putting together something that could really change the way you do business, do let me know. I’m working on my program now, taking smaller modules that I’d created over time and compiling them into this big mamma jamma of coaching wonderfulness.

Reach out to me at jasmine@jasminepowers and we can talk a bit more about this. In the meantime, I’ll be writing content for dollars.

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