In observing ladypreneurs lives and mine it’s inevitable that we’ll have some really bad days. From the car not starting when you have an important meeting to getting news that a competitor stole your idea or even more extreme, your landlord is involved with your husband and is putting you out (I made that up from my soap opera imagination!! Well, kinda…ask me later.)

What this basically proves is stuff happens. Really stinky piles of it sometimes and you may be at your wits end on how your can carry on or whether your business will survive or whether you will survive for that matter.

If you can’t tell, I’ve had a buttload of bad days and this is what helps me:

Sleeping. Sometimes getting a nap or a good nights sleep can reset your mind and body and the next day us much better. Caution: Don’t take this as an excuse to sleep your life away.

Exercising. Good vibes and things happen when you get your body moving. I recently went to a concert that I wasn’t thrilled to be at but the dancing was therapeutic. Moving your body relieves stress and also prepares you for a good nights rest.

Writing. Sometimes things are on overload and organizing thoughts or solutions may be challenging. A good journal or outline or chart can help you express feelings, create a plan, and move you in a positive direction.

Crying. Let it out. Sometimes trying to be a tough girl with iron emotions just leaves you expressing negative emotions differently, maybe even yelling at unwary passersby. If you feel like crap and the tears begin to fall, its a perfect time for a bathroom break, or late lunch. Crying releases some junk that you’d had pent up and you may feel a lot better afterward.

Prayer. Disclaimer: Not all are spiritual people but FOR ME praying to Jehovah (God, yup he has a name) helps. I figure he made me so he knows my limits, my strengths and solutions to my unique problems. Praying helps me hand over big things I can’t handle on my own to someone infinitely more powerful AND who likely has already worked out the solution.

Reading and researching. I just read in Mommy Millionaire that fear comes from a lack of knowledge. Most times scary situations or bad days can be made better by reading everything you can about the subject. For example, I fixed my car using some information I found on Google. Bad day resolved!!

Keep hope alive. Once you get so upset that hope starts to wane, you can’t even think clearly to find solutions. It might be time to use your good old imagination to make up happy outcomes in your mind. Keeping hope alive is essentially all you have so use that gift to make the most out of a really sucky day or time in your life.

Take one day at a time. This isn’t just cliche, it’s practical. I always think about what certain people were thinking or worrying about when major unexpected things happened to them? What if you were worried about a convo with your boss and you learned that you got a job offer elsewhere? The worry you had would’ve been unwarranted. So to the best of your ability, replace unproductive worrying with positive thoughts, reading, or another uplifting mental activity.

Its rough out there and we’ll inevitably have bad days or weeks even. We may not know what the future holds and that may or may not be a bad thing. The future may hold a bright solution for what you’re going through and help you develop strength you never had. Stay proactive, fight negative thinking, cry if you need to and work on dealing with things as they come. Stay encouraged divas!

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