Sooooo, after much anticipation and great preparations to go to Blogalicious AND speak there as part of a panel, good ol’ life kicked in and prevented me from going. Womp. Believe me, I cried, prayed and made peace with it the day I had to make the decision not to go. The great thing is there never seems to be a shortage of things to do and most of you were unable to make it to Blogalicious and you may want to do something else cool.

If you’re in LA here’s what you can do this weekend:

Survive Carmaggedon II. The 405 is shut down from the 10 to the 101. It might take you the length of Blogacious to get to the Beach or the Valley this weekend.

Attend BLP Convention. Bag Lady Promotions has great female entrepreneur event that even some Blogalicious goers are rushing back to LA to attend on Sunday. For more information check the BLP website and Google fellow Ambitious Diva and BLP founder, Laura Filipowicz.

Prep for next weeks Sponsor Secrets Seminar. My mentor and friend Linda Hollander of Wealthy Bag Lady and Sponsor Concierge is holding her Sponsor Secrets Seminar October 4-6. Somehow I think if I did Blogalicious then this seminar, I would’ve been dead by next Saturday. Check for more details.

Watch all your DVR recordings and catch up on business reading. What better time to work on your business (and pleasure) than a time that would’ve been spent working on your business and pleasure. Though I know my bedroom isn’t as comfy as the Red Rock Resort in Vegas where Blogalicious is being held and I don’t have awesome brands doing awesome things for me, I’ll settle for watching recordings of Tamar & Vince and Chrissy & Mr. Jones (theme: ratchet love-related reality shows) and blowing through How To Win Friends And Influence People.

Spend time with family who ultimately will provide more blogging content to get you ready for next years Blogalicious. There’s plenty of family activities you can get into. Who of us can’t afford to spend more quality time with our loved ones. If you’re single, sexy, and free like me, perhaps you can spend this weekend with hot guys. Lol!

Anyhoo, divas. Don’t be bummed. Surely we’ll make it to Blogalicious or any number of awesome conferences for women next year. Follow all live tweets. Ask other bloggers for their best takeaways and follow the Blogalicious blog. Whatever you do, have an AWESOMELY delicious weekend!

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