Janelle Monae has become a household name, her iconic pompadour and doll-like features gracing magazine ads and album covers. What makes her awesome is her music, her energy, and her unique brand. Who would know that amidst dancing I’d find a few business lessons.

Here’s what I took away from the Janelle Monae concert last night:

Let the face of your company or your spokesperson get others excited about working with you. Janelle’s MC was the hypest hype man, top hat on his head and energy galore. He fit her brand and depicted a contagious energy that left us anticipating what was to come.

Have consistent branding that tells your company’s story. From your letterhead and logo to your company culture, is your story, what you represent and what you want people to take away clearly defined in your branding? Janelle’s was. It was fun, reminiscent of both Twilight Zone and the circus, fun and engaging. Nothing deviated from it. Neither should your branding.

Get everybody involved in the experience. Your team should be an equal part of your show. From the receptionist, to the sales manager to the janitor, everybody should be involved in creating a unique experience and made to feel every bit a part of what your company is presenting to the world. Janelle’s orchestra and singers all came alive onstage and even out into the audience all in theatrical performance that entertained like a circus show. Get all on your team to do the same.

Lead the pact by commanding engagement. How do you get your customers to bow down, happily working with you in an experience they enjoy and that leaves you as the expert, rewarded and respected? First, give people what they want and paid for, be personable and engaging, yet maintain your position and stick to it. I was slightly embarrassed when I didn’t kneel down on the ground when Janelle “commanded” everyone too. However, after a mezmerizing performance, the majority in the crowd of hundreds literally got down on the floor at Monae’s request. Be the kind of leader that can get that kind of result.

Perform. Bottom line: A Janelle Monae concert delivers. If a client pays, deliver. We all know some will never be happy but as far as you can control it, work hard to provide outstanding service, leaving happy, excited clients.

There were many more takeaways for me that I’d like to implement in my business. The key for me was uniformity in branding and making sure that from the first moment a person touches my business to the moment they leave, I want them to feel excited, energized and like they’ve worked with a classy, too notch reliable service that delivers. The details and how you do things absolutely matters. Janelle Monae is an example of that. Be sure to imitate her awesome business example.

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