We ladypreneurs are really creative, always having midday epiphanies of hpw to do things more efficiently, differently or come up with unique new products

I go through phases, usually every fall where I access the years business, how well I did and what I want to do in the coming year. What it revealed is it’s about this time of year when I’m most creative, ready to change things up so I can keep being excited about what I do. It carries over into wanting to create new products, services and marketing programs for my clients.

How do you process your creative juices? Here’s how I capture everything and implement:

Record everything. Don’t let that great idea pass you by.

Test. See if its a good idea by conducting market research and doing focus groups and researching competition.

Prototype. At least get a sample together so you can start to see the feasibility of your product.

Protect. Don’t forget that there are folks who steal great ideas so visit the US Patent and Trademark Office or contact your favorite intellectual property lawyer.

Produce. Get ‘er done. It ain’t nothing to it but to do it.

I read today on a friends Facebook that being a perfectionist slows you down and to just get started. There have not been truer word spoken. I do a whole lot of imperfect stuff but I get a lot of stuff done.

If I can be of any encouragement, brainstorm, produce and introduce you new idea to the world! Boom!

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