The girl-powered software company Chicalogic is at it again, promoting great products to help keep our businesses, and our equipment running properly. Many of you know that last week my PC’s power block went out and unfortunately, I only had the manufacturers warranty which required me to send my PC back for a full 10 business days! BAD NEWS for me and my clients. So, I have a handy old-schooled PC to back me up and guess what? The drivers and everything else needs updating.

It seems the very same day, I got an offer to review DRIVERfighter, a program that recognizes your device and determines which drivers need to be updated in order to keep your computer running optimally. My ten year old backup PC had 3000+ day old drivers according to a scan from DRIVERfighter. The scan only took about a minute and the updates, not more than ten, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Now I’m all up to date, in a snap and I can look forward to this old thing working a WHOLE lot better.

Benefits of DRIVERfighter include:

  • FREE Scan
    DRIVERfighter scans your computer and detects outdated drivers and provides you the tools to download and install those drivers.
  • Stability
    When you update your outdated drivers, you have less issues with your computer.
  • Improved hardware functionality
    The latest manufacturer driver updates often contain improved and new functionality for your hardware components
  • Performance
    With updated drivers your PC may perform much faster.
  • Productivity
    Stop wasting your precious time manually looking for driver updates available
  • Safety
    Finding drivers by yourself may lead to sites and drivers infected with malware.

We’re all looking for ways, in addition to regularly scheduled updates, maintenance and malware and virus protection to make sure that we keep our PC’s working as long as possible. Any holes in that may lead to vulnerabilities, slow computers, lost time and lost money. NEVER THAT!

DRIVERfighter only costs $29.95 and in the long run it can save you lots of money and time and who can’t use more of that. But guess what? THREE readers will receive a product key for DRIVERfighter for FREEEEEEE!!!! YAY! ::Happy Dances::

All you have to do is be the first of three to post a link to this article on Facebook and email me at [email protected] and the key is yours! How easy is that?

Happy computing and I hope you win!


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