Curls has been a continued supporter of me and my events. This leader in the hair care industry specializes in products formulated for curls and waves. Would their products be able to tackle my rough and tough curls?

The first up for the test was their cleansing cream. This product is the consistency of your average conditioner but is made to cleanse without sudsing. You wet, you apply, manipulate as usual to cleanse your hair and scalp and you rinse. For me, it did the trick. My hair was squeaky clean after a few runs with the cream and rinsing until the water was clear.


Next up was their moisturizing conditioner. Now trust me, if you’re a foodie, you may have a hard time resisting wanting to taste this delicious smelling cream conditioner. It worked well, leaving my hair soft which I wanted especially because I worried about replenishing my hairs moisture after such a good cleansing.

After conditioning, I only dabbed my hair with the towel because the last step for my wash and wear hair was the Cashmere Jelly. This clear setting lotion with the consistency of a light gel is to be applied on clean hair. Its super important because I noticed in later applications the tendency to flake if my hair wasn’t freshly shampooed or if I applied it as a mixture with other product.

My biggest test with this type of product is whether it can define my curls, those which I never knew existed. I had to comb through the cashmere jelly, let it set and dry and it actually produced waves that lasted the next two days. I also noticed it would work good on briad or twist outs as long as you fully let your hair dry before unbraiding.

Since sampling these products, I’ve stuck with the jelly. I would especially use the conditioner again and would likely co-wash (cleansing with a conditioner) with it rather than using the cleansing cream only because I fear my hair will dry out since I cleanse it nearly everyday.

I give the entire line two thumbs up and look forward to their new formulations so I can better manage my do.

Curls can be found in national Target stores and online at

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