You’re overwhelmed. Projects are mounting. Deadlines are coming. How do you cope.

It’s one thing to know you have much to do but quite another to have a plan of action to help eat that elephant. I know when some people hear the word “strategy” they may think of something long and drawn out. Really, all a strategy needs to be is small, simple steps, an attack of how you’ll reach the end goal.

For example. Two clients have very big projects due on the same day. Instead of expending energy worrying, begin planning out the method you’ll use to get things done. Are some of the tasks similar on both projects? Group them. Become efficient. Prioritize. Mark off what you’ve done and feel motivated.

Delegate where possible and don’t let nonessentials, like fear or worry, keep you from activity. Procrastinating is your worst enemy. Create a simple outline and get busy.

Before you know it, you will have completed your project and you can rest easy.

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