There comes a time in an entrepreneurs life when they are called upon to provide a reference or a recommendation. It’s easy to just provide hire dates and notify an inquire whether the person is eligible for rehire. Legally, you can’t blackball people, nor should you. However, it goes a long way to highly recommend people and send them off with more than a “job well done.”

I currently have this opportunity and just got finished drafting a recommendation for Michele Vaughn, my delightful intern who supported me on a few projects this summer. It’s a pleasure to work with those who take initiative, do good work, and who fit well into company culture. Michele fit the bill.

Michele Vaughn is a Visual Communications student at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis, IN. In her free time she does freelance graphic design & photography work. Michele specializes in Print design, Web design, along with fashion, studio, and nature photography.

Her skill came alive when she contributed insight into a few projects that JPMP worked on. Together, we designed flyers, she crafted compelling logos for TECHstured Hair Week, a celebration the company is organizing, and supported on other visual design projects.

Part of the way we should carry ourselves is in a spirit of gratefulness and I feel grateful for Michele. She contributed years of knowledge of visual communications to my company and I value that about her. Therefore, as any good business person should do, I am acknowledging her here and also by means of a recommendation letter that she can use both for school and in employment.

Please give Michele a holler and wish her the best in all her endeavors!

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