You’re a career woman, mom, wife and have a side hustle or two. People think you’re superwoman but you handle it all with grace. What others don’t know is your secret–effective time management.

I can’t say I’m the best in this area but I’ve gotten pretty good at doing a lot with a little time. I’m not a mom, wife, or superwoman but here are my secrets to managing my time like a BAWSE.

Little or no TV. My life is not enriched by knowing who shot JR. Why waste time on a nonessential.

Schedule tough work for times when I’m most productive. Waking up at 2am to work may seem crazy for some but the quiet of the night is vest for steady, focused work periods.

Say no, a lot. Don’t obligate yourself to nonessential tasks. Saying yes when you have projects looming makes you crabby so you might as well say no up front.

Spend time with those you love to break up monotony. Relationships are more valuable than getting that project done. Also, when you take that break and play with the kiddies, you feel better making you happy and in the long run more productive.

Set timers and deadlines. Being time conscious makes you eliminate the dumb time wasters. Setting defined work periods keeps you focused and will result in more time in the long run.

Get Er Done. Procrastination is stupid. You spend more time thinking about what needs to be done than actually doing it. Usually the task you’re avoiding only takes a few minutes to a couple of hours. Just do it.

There are so many other ways you can manage time like bawse. Believe me, those rappers who play like life is just fun games and relaxing manage their time and business like the rest of the bawses or else they wouldn’t be successful. Have the eye of the tiger and focus on a life of organization, schedules and one free of nonessentials. That’s the only way to true freedom.