It’s true that time keeps on moving so why would we be any different. The past is gone and the only way to correct mistakes, get unstuck, and/or progress is to move forward. How can you?

It’s key to always think strategically about the future. It’s very scary to not know what’s ahead, much like driving with a blindfold on. How will you make money, where you will live, who will you love and spend time with are often concerns that keep us worried and stuck. This is especially true when experiencing a setback or loss.

Feeling stuck seems to me to come from not seeing a solution to an existing problem. You don’t know where to go because you can’t see the way out. We only can make decisions based on the information we have at the present so it’s best to try to navigate moving forward with crucial information from previous experience and the desired outcome. How do you move forward either when feeling stuck or when needing to make a vital decision?

I have very limited experience as a young person, but this has worked for me when making big decisions:

Pray. You may or may not be a spiritual person, but if you are, lean on that to help you transcend your limited experience by relying on someone beyond you, your power and what you know.

Research solutions. There is nothing new under the sun so there are resources and solutions available that you may not currently know about. It’s up to you to research and find those solutions. Finding a new way of doing things may be just what you need to get beyond a current situation and move forward.

Wait for new developments. Again, it’s to be emphasized that we are usually lacking information or the vision in order to see our way and that often is the cause for feeling stuck or afraid. The saying, “What a difference a day makes, ” is true and the next day, month, or year may reveal to you options or solutions that you previously couldn’t see.

Decide. Sometimes there isn’t a right answer, so you just have to choose which decision you prefer. Deciding on an option and sticking to it will help you to take action that will propel you forward. Indecisiveness can waste time. You can wait for new developments to help you make a better decision, but put a limit on deliberations so that a final choice can be made and action then taken to achieve the final result.

Plan and go. Once you get clear on what you want to do, it’s time to figure out how to do it. Map out the small steps needed to reach the final goal. Start with the goal and plan backwards. Breaking goals down to actionable and reasonable items makes doing them much more appealing and encourages you to get going and working toward your ultimate goal.

We always have to be on the move. Being clear on your purpose and what’s important will help motivate you to be ever forward moving. Work to be creative in coming up with solutions to your challenge. Sometimes things beyond us create a situation that makes us feel stuck, but things beyond us can often resolve this. Do what you can to work toward your advancement.

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