Sometimes sales people are stuck as to why they can’t move people to buy or sign up for a service. Money may be an issue but more often than not a lackluster sales presentation loses attention. YAWN…

I’m at a concert now (yeah, I blog at concerts) and had an epiphany. Watching  this performer and the crowd respond shows a little bit how human psychology works. He’s doing this call and response thing. The more lively and energetic he gets, the more lively and energetic the crowd gets. He’s an unfamiliar performer so the folks are being taught how to respond based on his actions.

What does this show? Be excited about what you do and show passion for what it is you’re bringing to your customer base. They may be unfamiliar with your product or service so like this performer, you’ll have to teach your audience how to respond, teaching them to be excited about your products and services too.

I don’t mean pushy. I mean just being yourself and really happy about what you have and be excited to bring it to the people. Get them singing and dancing the same way you are.

How do I know this works? Because I’m always hype about my potential clients projects and what I can do for them. They feel it and it encourages them to want to work with me.

Don’t come to a client with a wack, half-hearted bad attitude. Feel happy! Make them happy! Ditch thinking of it as sales anyway but rather doing your thing and making them rock with you.

The next time you have the opp to present your goods to someone, try it. Lots of smiles, energy and warmth. People will respond in kind.

Okay, this guy has me ready to dance again so I’ll let you go but yeah, be hype about what you do. Energy is contagious.