Two weeks from now on Sunday, September 2, 2012, I will be holding my Love & Beauty Unconference. Part of the reason this unconference is named as such is because I wanted to explore relationships, fashion and beauty and discuss these subjects amongst people influential on these subjects.

One of the things I want to hear your thoughts on are being whole and healthy. What I mean is being fulfilled, stable, and happy as you are, content in life and not waiting for someone else to do it for you. Can you say that about yourself?

Its sad to live a life waiting for this to happen or this man or woman to come BEFORE we can be happy. Its like we’ll only allow ourselves permission for happiness WHEN and IF those things come. What IF those things never come? Will you have known what it is to bask in the great things that are happening in your life NOW?

Don’t postpone your happiness for things that may or may not come, especially if you’re waiting on a person to come in and make your life magically to get better. Its not anothers responsibility to make you whole nor will they be able to.

Use every moment working toward fulfilling your life and serving others. If not anything else, be happy that you are alive, can see, hear or taste wonderful food and be REALLY happy that with life there’s hope.

Embrace being whole, centered, at peace and be ready to smile just at the blessings you currently hold.