The last few days have been particularly draining. Projects, preparing for three major events, and being there for new business owners with lots of questions have pulled at my mental and physical juice. What to do?

We at times feel tired, exhausted even, yet we don’t allow ourselves time to refresh. The outcome is usually either burnout or a meltdown, neither of which will lend to the progress of our business or projects. A solution is needed and taking better care of oneself must become a higher priority.

Refreshment can come in all sorts. Exercise is both physically energizing and emotionally uplifting. Endorphins are released and a feeling of well-being beams through. Taking short naps during the day, perhaps at the end of a lunch break, can give your body needed rest and reinvigorate you for the rest of the days activities. Reading, unlike television, puts our minds and body at ease, helps us relax and helps us take in new information. Journaling is another way you can clear your mind, organize thoughts, and ultimately feel better.

Which of these will you do today? I’ll opt for reading and a nap. I got in a morning walk and felt ever ready to take on the day.

The best of us, even the Energizer bunny, get tired and need to refresh our mind and body. Do what you can to make self-care amongst the top things on your list to do. Take weekends and evenings seriously and rest. Your workload and your overall health will thank you.