In talking to so many women in business, I’ve noted a commonality. Many are self-conscious about their effectiveness and some even feel like a fraud, not who people think they are. What is the solution?

Assess your authenticity. Perhaps feelings of displacement and like you don’t fit what you do may come from not really doing what you feel you are called to do. Faking like you enjoy doing something you don’t can make you feel fake or fraudulent. Make adjustments where necessary.

Assess your knowledge of your job, industry and how to do business. Sometimes when you don’t know what you’re doing, you feel insecure. If others thing you’re perfect at what you do, it may create some discomfort. What may help is taking course at SCORE and perhaps in your field so that you fill the empty spots and so you can be confident that you know what you’re doing.

Work on your self-love. Sometimes we just don’t give ourselves credit. Others may see us just how we are, AMAZING. If we don’t believe it, we can’t receive it. Fight feeling like your a fraud by making a list of everything you can that is good about yourself. Shoe yourself how great and REAL you are.

Fight negative thinking. Sometimes nagging negative feelings tell us unwarranted and harsh thing. If a person really said awful things to you, you’d want to fight then literally. So don’t do it to yourself. Fight negative feelings and feelings that you’re not good enough by assessing whether or not this is true. Test it out. You’ll find that you may need to just work on a few things to get your flow back.

Fraud is a big deal. Don’t feed into feelings that you are a fraud if you are not literally a fraud. There is something internal and deep about those feelings so assess those and do the work of fixing that broken thought. Chances are if you think you’re a fraud, you’re not. You just need encouragement and a lot of love and reassurance that you are more amazing than you knew!