Earlier this week, I decided that I’d stop blogging at naturalhairparade.com and center all my attention here at jasminepowers.com since NHP was niche social event company that spun off from J Powers Marketing & Publicity LLC. How do they all fit together?

Events are one sure way of generating PR for your biz. First, all you have is a good product or service, but with an event, you have a good product or service with something happening. People get excited about the event and it builds awareness of your brand. Plus events are FUN.

Natural Hair Parade’s original plan was to throw a literal parade for a community of people who have curly hair. Then, because of the success of one pop up meet up, I went to work on trying to get these events in other markets. Brands took notice and we were invited to promote haircare lines both at our own events and to do in-stores to bring people in.

What happened is that people were not only introduced to my company and our brand grew, but we introduced others to new products and their awareness grew. It was PR and marketing for both groups and the editorial that surrounded it further sealed the deal that events were the thing to do.

In this day and age of electronic connectivity, people are still trying to find ways to keep it basic and earthy. Live events allow real connection, so much that even Match.com is doing live events to keep up. Meetup.com’s model is entirely built around this.

Why not put your brand in a position to facilitate connection and create a reason for press along with it. Think of creative ways to make your brand stand out there. It’s worth the effort if done right. Next, we’ll discuss how.