Guess what? You most likely will not end up on Oprah, but the products of a dear friend of mine, Laga Handbags, did. Guess what else. They did it without a formal PR team or publicist.

How they did it was simple. [wp-like-locker]They had a great product, with a great story, had a great connection who had the great opportunity to feature the handbags to the great O herself and her international audience. The result was tens of thousands in sales within minutes and a launchpad into more press, celebrity placements, and more money.

How can you do it too?

Have a great product. Nobody cares if only you think it’s great. What does the market say? Is it press-worthy and more importantly O-worthy? We know the chances of getting Oprah to air your product or story are slim but aim for O and you might end up on the Today Show or more likely your local news.

Have a great story. What is the story behind your product or service? Did you overcome formidable odds or does the product have a nonprofit tie? Tell it. That’s how Laga Handbags was able to do it as their bags are made by survivors of the Indonesian tsunami and provide jobs to women.

Have a great connection. In Lagas case, they had a connection with Chris Rock’s wife, Valerie Compton-Rock who is heavily involved in giving back to the community. Get your product and story in front of influencers who have a voice, often journalist and celebrities. Be persistent and it will pay off.

Keep it going. After you get the press, capitalize off of it by using it to launch other opportunities. Having a press kit with press clippings of previous coverage ads to your credibility. Send this and your product to other influencers to generate more press and more sales.

Most times we don’t have a big name, expensive publicist to make things happen for us. It’s up to us to generate the buzz about our product or service and its very doable. You hold the key so get up, get out, and get yourself on not-quite-Oprah![/wp-like-locker]