It’s now public knowledge that I’ll be one of the many fabulous speakers at Blogalcious ’12. YAYAYAYAYAY! I’m excited because this will be my first year attending and I will be able to finally experience the greatness that is the second most interesting blogging conference that I want to attend (the first being BlogHer, which I just missed this weekend and who boasted 5,000 women and endless brands in attendance).

Blogalicious will be an opportunity to leverage relationships and build new ones, learn how to improve my craft, and also share a few tidbits that I know on unconventional ways to make money in social media. It really is a win, win and I know all who will be in attendance will be glad that they went.

Another reason I’m so excited is because my blogging conferences, like BlogHer 2010 and then Blogging While Brown in 2011,  changed my life. Blogging is something that I’d been passionate about since 2005 when I was introduced to it when a friend who’d moved to New York kept all his friends and family in the loop by his Blogger web log, and it then become a huge part of my life. I had a voice and this very shy and soft spoken girl (yeah, that was then) was able to share profound insights and let her humor shine by little taps on a keyboard.

Additionally, blogging gave voice to women and minorities who often didn’t have places in mainstream media. Social media and it’s predecessor, blogging, leveled the playing fields in that area and also between large media outlets and the average person could become major sources for content and news. Not to mention it made the world much smaller, connecting the writer with his audience and inaccessible celebrities with their fans.

For these reasons blogging and the conferences that promote and support them, like Blogalicious, are very important to me and an effort for me to hone my skills as a writer and make my content that much better. I have much room to grow and I’m confident that Blogalicious will feed my need for more knowledge on tools, tips and tactics to market and create products, to blog my butt off and how to build rocking relationships with brands.

If you haven’t checked out Blogalicious, please do so at There you can check deets on rooming, the event, and the agenda for the weekend.

Viva Las Vegas. Viva Los Blogalicious!

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