Many times when my clients say they want to blog, I ask them are they sure. Not because I doubt them but because I want them to understand that blogging isn’t just a notion. It’s not, boom, you write, you make money, you quit your job. It’s a very rewarding career for enthusiast about a niche.

Planning and content creation is EVERY part of your job as a blogger and sometimes its hard to find good topics to write about so that your blog has a clear purpose and drives readers to come back. You may have once thought that writing about Mustangs was easy, but grasp for new material. What to do?

Research your topic to find inspiration. It’s okay to browse social media, Google and maybe even other blogs for inspiration (not to be read as COPYING). YOu may get ideas on something new, another angle for writing about your topic.

Record those burst of inspiration that you get while driving in the car. Believe it or not, the shower and the car are my best places for epiphanies. It was so random that I’ve bought every recorder known to man so that I can catch content as I think it, many times while waiting at a red light. Later it can be transcribed and turned into posts, emails, or an ebook or all of the above.

Repurpose old content. There’s the adage, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” If you notice, all the blogs you read, or magazine articles or tv shows for that matter keep recycling similar content and it works. Take what you’ve written and add to or take away from it, add a comment or two from someone else and find unique perspectives and updates to previous ideas to make previously written content meaningful to readers who love everything you write anyway. It makes life MUCH easier for you.

Of course, these are but a few things that you can do to keep fresh content on your blog. Some opt for guest writers and regular contributors or even a magazine style blog so that no subject is the MAIN thing, thus keeping tons of different content flowing. Whatever you do, assess the needs of your readers and your arsenal of ideas and come up with something that works for your blogging schedule and your niche. Either way, just make it really good. Content is king, so give your content the crown!


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