I was to introduce you to my favorite-est client ever, Danyel Paulsen of Danyel’s Mobile Designer Collection & Consignment, or for short, Danyel’s MD. She is youthful, hip, and a ball of positivity. Her motto, “Keep It Simple Sweetie.”

She may not have known it but those words echo a scripture where Jesus advises those listening to the Sermon On The Mount to keep their eye simple. What does that mean for my business?

Simple can mean, single, focused. This has been the opposite of everything that I’d been doing, managing two blogs and not managing the content very well because the idea of posting three times a day on both seemed daunting. Three times a day on one seemed daunting too so after a while of sustained blogging on NaturaHairParade.com and JasminePowers.com, about a month ago, things started to fall off.

No bueno.

As a digital marketing strategist, it was much like the shoemaker not having any shoes or however the saying goes. So the solution became glaring–Keep It Simple Sweetie. For this reason, and to better serve the growing interests of my female readers, I’ve combined Natural Hair Parade’s content and JasminePowers.com together and will blog more in a magazine style format to keep all informed on my beauty events, best business and marketing practices for women, and new developments for J Powers Marketing & Publicity LLC.

Are their ways that you can simplify your processes so that you maintain your sanity and keep things running the best they can? What are some things I think you can do if you have trouble? Here’s some:

See what projects have synergy and combine them.

Plan ahead and cut out stupid stuff that doesn’t make you money or suit your brand.

Only use social media to meet very specific objectives.

Keep gaming to set weekend or relaxation periods.

For content management and marketing, have a real schedule and strategy.

Now these may or may not suit you but think long and hard about what will and move forward accordingly. Speak to a few objective sources, like a coach or a friend who is looking from the outside in and get some thoughts. Whatever the case, repeat after me and Danyel: Keep It Simple Sweetie.

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